Thursday, February 01, 2007

Long time, no update

It has been a long time since another post, due to other things going on so here is 5 new mods
NES Purse

"Although the original NES has certainly cemented itself as an icon in the gaming universe, it's quickly climbing the ranks for the most frequently modified console ever. Aside from being hacked into its own controller, given a spin by Ben Heck, and used to house a Mac mini, the Nintendo Entertainment System is now going head to head with Prada, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs as a woman's handbag. A very clever entrepreneur has listed the NES purse on eBay for the world to marvel at, and aside from the handy controller strap that appears to be attached in a rather hasty manner, the innards sport a soft, grey fabric to hold makeup, cellphones, and Mario figurines, and there's even a hidden compartment on the bottom for cash, lighters, or 1-UP mushrooms. There's no word on if hitting Up, Right, Select, Start, B will hold the subway for you as you dash towards a departing train, but you can place a bid yourself and try 'er out when it arrives. Click on through for a few more shots."

NES in an NES Controller

"Sure, you could go out and buy one of those ready-made systems-in-a-controller that provide a handful of games to let you wax nostalgic about your button-mashing youth, but to really fulfill that old school craving without cluttering up your living room with dusty consoles, the DIY route remains your best bet. While it may not be quite on the level of some of Ben Heckendorn's own NES hacks, forum member G-force nonetheless holds his own with his modded NES controller. Using the ever-versatile system-on-a-chip, the controller boasts 70 built-in, not-quite-legal games, and a cartridge slot on the back so you can put your well-worn collection of carts to good use. The controller also apparently manages to squeeze in a port for a second controller, or a light gun, should the Duck Hunt mood strike you. Of course, no hack would be complete without the requisite LED lights, which G-force artfully positioned inside to illuminate the Nintendo logo when the controller's in use (check it out in action after the break). Unfortunately, he hasn't provided step-by-step plans for the less-l33t among us to build our own unit, but skilled modders should be able to crib enough from the ample supple of pics to whip up their own variation."

Nintendo Lightgun, Litterly!
"Thanks to Eric for sending us this cool little mod. In his email he told us “Next step is installing a sound module and playing the duck hunt shot when the trigger is fired”. Can’t wait to see it Eric!"

iPod NES Controller
"[F00 f00] sent in his excellent piece of iPod artistry. It's one of the most original iPod hacks I've seen yet. (Aside from his funky dock) I haven't checked up on the latest iPod dock specification, but I'd guess he's sending the command signals via the serial (TTL) interface with a microcontroller(pic/atmel etc) to encode the button presses."

Dreamcast in an NES running Nester,32940.0.html